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Starting a Business In The 21st Century

We live in an era where becoming a business own has become easier for everyday people to start and grow a business. We live now in the information age where the exchange of information is the focal point in how we communicate and live. With the movement of technology, it has given us to the ability and opportunity to communicate with people around the world instantly. This exchange of instant information has brought us closer to individuals in all walks of life and has open doors for people to start businesses with little hassle and investment.

Before the industrial revolution, people started businesses all the time, whether they were starting a farm, opening a small shop, becoming a fisherman, tailoring clothing, becoming the town’s merchant, etc. The industrial revolution changed the landscape of businesses, and as years passed corporations got more control over our income and lives.

In the information era we live, it has allowed us to gain this power back because we can start businesses with little hassle and investment, and take back our freedom so we can spend more time with our kids and families, travel when we see fit, sleep a little longer, or end our days early, etc. However, surprisingly, most people continue to seek employment instead of starting a business.

Why are people not taking advantage of starting businesses? People are trained to become an employee instead of an employer. Now, I’m not saying that becoming a business owner is for everyone, because there are certain traits a person should possess when working for themselves. However, for individuals who do possess these qualities, they can start a business, run, and maintain a business and reach their goals.

There are companies like my business Parodin who have begun helping people become business owners again. Our goal is to give people back power over their own time and money. We are at the beginning stages of our journey and are currently working with a hand full of people to start a business or grow their current business. We offer services from website design, eCommerce and Internet Business Consulting, business planning, connecting inventors or creators with manufacturing, etc. My company Parodin is also helping people who would like extra income and start an online store with little investment and without having to carry inventory.

There are thousands of people taking advantage of starting a business online because it doesn’t take much investment, little hassle and it gives them their power back over their income and lives, but most are still afraid because they don’t know where to start and how to begin. When working with Parodin, we will guide you along through this journey to make it less time consuming and a great learning experience. With the understanding that life is a challenge all around, people can fill accomplish with reaching their goals while working with Parodin.

Becoming a business owner is not as difficult as it has been the past decades because many platforms have made this challenge simple for people in all walks of life.